Intuitive Healing Facial

An Intuitive Healing Facial is sharing positive energy with you to help calm, rebalance and nurture your emotional needs. We are all unique, so each treatment will be individually tailored to you. Your facial is designed to replenish and pamper your skin..

Hands on healing, Chimes, singing bowls and crystals may also be used, helping to clear negativity and rebalancing your energy. 

  Many describe it as a mini bliss holiday!

 90min $180

120min $220

Light Therapy

What is LED light Therapy?

Suitable for all skin types, LED is a non invasive treatment with clinically proven Blue light 415nm, Red 633nm and near infrared 830nm, delivered via single wavelength LEDs ensure targeted light delivery into the skin.

LED phototherapy is based on the principle that living cells are able to absorb and be influenced by light. The treatment has long been recognized for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Increases efficiency and accelerates results

Blemish fighting action without irritation

Helps acne prone skin

Balances oil production

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Increases collagen and elastin synthesis

Improves complexion, texture and tone

Shrinks enlarged pores

Restores radiance

Scar reduction and prevention

Relieves pain and inflammation

UV free alternative for eczema, Psoriasis and dermatitis

Promotes healthy skin

Add onto treatment
30min | $40

On its own – includes cleanse & moisturise
30min | $60

LED Facial –cleanse, exfoliation, facial & hand massage

60min | $145

Prepay for 5

30 min treatments


Vitamin C Intensive Treatment

This is a luxurious facial for dull, tired, dry, dehydrated skins. Through a deeply relaxing treatment the skin becomes revitalized, rehydrated, plumped and soothed.

Using a Vitamin C latex mask, this firms whilst infusing rich nurturing ingredients deep into the skin. Includes face, neck, décolletage & foot massage.

70min | $145


With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined pronouncing the signs of aging. Using galvanic rollers over your face, tension vanishes and muscles are gently exercised to gain volume and tone.

Ideally done as a course of treatment with regular exercise of muscles to strengthen and tone.

30min | $95

Course of 5 | $425

Eye Revitalising Treatment

  Suffering from tired, puffy or dehydrated eyes? 
Let your temple tension fade away…puffiness is reduced with galvanic drainage, soothing the eye area. Your full face is cleansed and exfoliated, followed with a hydrating massage & eye mask which stimulates collagen whilst you relax with a scalp massage. 

60min | $125

Bliss Bespoke

Your facial is designed to nurture your skins needs. Rejuvenate and relax with cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) massage, mask and scalp massage. 

60min | $120

Teenage Facial

Under 20.

Let us talk about how to look after your skin! Cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions & High frequency (if necessary) mask and scalp massage.

45min | $85


Enhancing your eyes will bring beautiful frame to your face.

Eyebrow tint

Eyelash tint

Eyelash and Brow Tint

Eyelash Lift

This hugely popular lifting treatment works fabulously on both short and long lashes. The treatment gives an attractive natural curl to straight lashes, enhancing the lashes without the need for mascara. Perfect for everyday and holiday wear. Also includes eyelash tint to bring more depth to your eyes. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Includes a scalp massage.

1hr | $95

Image Skincare

Image is a cosmeceutical skincare line with active high grade pharmaceutical ingredients that treat your skin. As opposed to over the counter products which treat the surface layers only. Cosmeceutical can make a positive change to your skin whereas over the counter products will merely maintain your skin.

Image 02 Lift
50min | $130
Ideal before a special occasion. This luxurious hands on facial infuses oxygen, plant stem cells and peptides, plumping up your skin. Leaving your skin luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Includes facial and foot massage.

Successful PEELS
Through a thorough skin consultation we diagnose your skin concerns and put together a home and in salon program. Able to target all your skin concerns.

Express Yourself

With treatments 30min or under


30min | $60


30min | $95


Foot and Calf Exfoliation & Massage

30min | $55


Relaxation Back Massage
30min | $60


Mini Facial – Cleanse, Exfoliate & Massage
30min | $75


Galvanic Infusion

Are you a fan of Guinots Hydradermie Facial?

Here’s our personally designed galvanic treatment with High Frequency to target your skin concerns. Infusing ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin creates longer lasting facial results, whilst high frequency kills bacteria and oxygenates your cells.

60min | $150

Skin Consultation

Book in for your skin consultation for advice and guidance on how to manage and treat your skin.  We recommend all new clients first book their skin consultation prior to Facial treatment. Redeemable upon purchase of 2 or more products on the same day.

20min | $30



Lip or Chin

Eyebrow Tidy/Lip/Chin

Half Leg

3/4 Leg

Half Leg & Bikini

Full Leg

Full Leg & Bikini

Under Arm

Arm Wax

G String Bikini



We understand that sometimes you may need to change your schedule. We require 24 hours notice Monday to Friday and 48hours notice for an appointment on Saturday. Cancellation of your appointment within these time periods or ‘no shows’ will incur a $40 charge.

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